Wednesday, 28 November 2018

How You Can Clear The IAS Exam

How to crack competitive exams like UPSC

The Indian Administrative Service is not one that can be taken lightly. Clearing the IAS exam takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sincere effort. The IAS exam requires a few essential aspects such as being updated with current affairs, managing their time, understanding the exam syllabus, taking as many "mock" exams as possible, and developing a passion for the administrative services. This requires reading newspapers and magazines on current affairs so that you are up to date with news from around the world. Managing one's time effectively and efficiently is another crucial factor that determines the success. It is better to keep a timetable and stick to it. Mock exams can give you a feel of the real thing and will help candidates to get an idea of his or her strengths and weakness.  It is necessary to have a passion for the services and to prepare for the exam with dedication.

Dedication And Hard Work For Clearing IAS

However, various tips can be taken from people who have already cleared this difficult exam. It is necessary to keep one's resources as limited as possible. So even it is a textbook or websites, using an unnecessarily large number of resources can be self-destructive. Proper time management is absolutely vital. It is also necessary to revise many times because repetition can be highly useful.  During the exam, it is essential to read each question well and understand it. A question that is not understood correctly can lead to the inability to clear the exam in spite of all the hard work. Another important factor is consistency in the hours of study. It is also necessary to finish the paper rather than focusing only on the quality. Staying consistent, and optimistic can also go a long way in helping you clear the exam and make your dream of IAS come true.

Those who have cleared the challenging IAS exam are aware of the kind of effort that they put in to do so. Aspiring candidates who are based in Chennai also know that it would be worth the effort to look for the Civil services coaching in Chennai. It is imperative to understand the subject with several books. Analyzing questions about various topics is necessary to get a grasp of the subject well. Going through question papers of the previous years can also be very helpful. One of the essential ways to prepare for the exam is by looking through all the world news from newspapers as well as the internet. Time management is also crucial. As far as the prelims are concerned, it is good to opt for a descriptive method of approaching it. Finishing the paper within the given time limit is necessary. Another common myth is that it would take several years and several attempts to clear the IAS exams. This is entirely untrue because by using the correct and scientific approach, it is possible to clear this exam in the very first try. Also, it is advisable to follow a methodical and comprehensive approach while preparing for the IAS exam.

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